To the dead, and the moderators:

I went to see an exhibition of some things from Marie Antoinette's Petite Trianon last month.
It reminded me very strongly of this community, and how much fun I had hanging out here. It also reminded me of a couple of rather poignant and touching scenes that I witnessed over on ineversaidthat's personal journal. (to "Louis-Charles": I wish like crazy it could have turned out that way.)

Reading back in the comm just now, I realized that I wanted to say a heartfelt, if rather belated, "thank you", to the living and the dead, for making this such a fun place to be.

Dead Men Status Update


So for everyone not reading the preceeding conversation, it turned into a discussion of how best to shut down Dead Men Talking.

To all interested parties, please join the discussion. Last one in gets a really crappy position in the provisional government. Minister of bicycles or sous secretary to the office of tax-rebate claims or something.

/okay, that was slightly puppet-y

I Left the Pantheon For This?

I hope it's not out of bounds to ask each other for advice, but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make our time her go by more dramatically. This place used to be a hotbed of debate, flirtation, and.... and other things. I distinctly remember other people being involved in other things. (I think. Never got much past the first two, myself.)

It saddens me to see us so quiet, so... tame. Worse still, I'm growing bored. You wouldn't like me when I'm bored. That's how armies get organized.

Does anyone here have any ideas as to how we can get this place going again? Usually if I wanted to turn up the decible level at a quiet meeting, I'd just invite some Communists, but as Lucie won't be able to join us for some years, we should manage something in the meantime.

Gift etiquette (or, I think I offended my mother)

Dear dead people,

When your mother gives you the ugliest vest you've ever seen, I know you're supposed to say thank you and not pull horrid faces. I couldn't stop myself. I did, however, try to not offend her over the ugly knitted blazer (yes, it was a sweater with lapels to make it look like a blazer), and brought it home with me (along with the gift receipt).

What was I supposed to have done? Also, is it more polite to trade it in for something that isn't ugly sooner or later? (i have six months, apparently)

And what should I do now? The ugly vest was left with her so she can return it. (I thought we'd been through the "don't buy me clothes" thing before, but apparently she chose to forget.) Am I supposed to tell her what I traded the sweater in for, or should I pretend that I kept it? Or do I just avoid the subject altogether?

I am a terrible, terrible daughter.

Redheaded (Not Actually)Stepchild.

I'm going in tomorrow night to have my hair cut and dyed, and wish to seek advice on the following question:

Blonde, brunette or red? Thanks to having hazel eyes and a rather nondescript complexion, I can pull all three off, but cannot decide whether to continue the red regime or go with something else this time.

Important considerations:

1) It is currently bland, gray and icky outside, and will be for the next five months or so (thank you, Wisconsin) so a bright hair color might be cheering;
2) My mother hates me being a redhead, and thinks I should go blonde;
3) My father thinks the red suits me and I should keep it;
4) My ex thinks I would look hawtsome with dark brown hair.

Work Woes

All right, dead people, here's the deal: I really love my job. My boss and my coworkers are all super-great, and everything there is awesome. The problem is the office politics: the department president has some misogyny issues, and the other vice president hates my boss and goes out of her way to belittle everything my boss and her people do. This was brought firmly to my attention last week in the form of my annual review: out of gratitude for all the awesome things I do and the hard work I put in, I've been approved for an astonishingly generous 2% raise.

Is it worth finding a better-paying job that appreciates me when it means leaving behind a boss I love for an environment that might suck?

Only a FEW days late . . .

The new INFO is up ♥ Kindly take a gander.

Also, the application, join rules, etc. are all up HERE.

The mentioned everything-that-isn't-an-advice-post side community, dmttearoom, will be all finished up being put together in the next couple of days, I swear to god, so if you want to go ahead and join it, that's fine.

If I'm missing something major or something in the new info/joining procedure is unclear, please let me know now so I can fix it ♥