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Dead Men Talking

Historical Zombies At Large

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Undead Sockpuppets From the Annals of History
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Having trouble at work? Fighting with your significant other? Unsure how to deal with a situation at school? Contemplating conquering Russia but unsure how to go about it without dying horribly in the process like, um, pretty much everyone else who's ever tried it?

Well, asking the living obviously won't help you. Time to try asking the dead.

Disclaimer. Read this first!

The sockpuppets in DMT are not the real people, who are all, as the community name suggests, extremely dead. The purpose of the community is satirical, and all posts and comments are best taken with a grain of salt – in some cases, a spoonful of salt and a margarita. If you feel DMT is disrespectful, that is your right and we honor your opinion, but please take yourself elsewhere. No, seriously: scram. Vamoose. Skedaddle.

It is also worth noting that this, unlike the previous incarnation of DMT, is a straight-up advice community, and (with the exception of mod posts) all posts should be coming from living persons wanting advice from dead person sockpuppets. RPGish posts, anniversary posts re: deaths, births, important events etc., and anything else should be taken to dmttearoom.

Rules, Regulations, Etc. Read this, or suffer the consequences.

This is a low-key affair. The most important rule is simple: don't take this too seriously.

How to Join

If joining with a sockpuppet: Take thee to this post, which explains how you go about doing that ♥

If joining with a regular journal: Just go ahead and hit the join link, like any other LJ community. Feel free to join even if you don't plan to make any puppets. Don't be obnoxious with yourself, and follow the general rules re: posting, and we're coo'.

Standards of Conduct

Please, do not act like a jackass.

If a player is behaving in such a fashion that it's impeding your enjoyment of the game, please contact the moderators via deadmentalking @ gmail.com. We can't fix it if we don't know it's happening, after all.

Except in extreme cases, players get two notices to stop with a particular behavior. If it continues after two notices, they're out until further notice.

Many problems are dealt with as they first surface. Amongst those we have set policies for:
  • Extreme historical inaccuracy. While this is not a contest, if you display absolutely no knowledge about the historical figure, you will probably be asked to do some research or retire the puppet.
  • If you harass another player, i.e. posting threats? You will be immediately banned, no advance warning, and LJ Abuse will be alerted. You will also be ferociously mocked, because you are not nearly as clever as you apparently think you are.
  • Please do not have sockpuppets refer to their typists in DMT, i.e. "My typist, the silly chit, thinks [insert thing here]". This sort of thing is fine for dmttearoom, but for the purposes of DMT itself, the puppets should be true sockpuppets: they shouldn't show awareness that there are strings coming out of their asses. The puppets should be aware that they are dead, but not that they are being played by a bunch of history geeks for lawls on the internet. If you are unsure what the idea behind a sockpuppet is, we recommend learning at the feet of MsScribe.
  • Do not comment with a sockpuppet which has not yet been approved! This will lead to automatic banning from the community. The approval process is explained in the post regarding joining, which, once again, is here.
  • This is less major than the others, but: please have something which makes it clear in every comment who the sockpuppet is. Having them sign their name ("Yrs, Washington" or something) for example, or having their name in their icon or, hell, the journal name itself. This makes it easier for other players to keep track of who you are.
Language is not moderated, and we have very little in the way of discussion topic boundaries, though players are asked to please avoid explicit descriptions of sexual acts in the community – if it could be on basic cable, it's okay. If the occasional "fuck" and talk about sex are things you feel uncomfortable with, this is not the place for you.

We try to be relaxed here. Don't make us have to change it.

Posting Procedure

All posts should be made by living people, which is to say non-sockpuppet accounts. Most comments, on the other hand, should be coming from dead people, which is to say sockpuppet accounts. Interaction between socks is fine in the comments of said posts, as well as interaction between socks and players, and (as long as you don't do this too much) between players and players. If you need an exception to this, for whatever reason, talk to the mods first.

All posts should have the following things:
  • A title.
  • An advice question for the sockpuppets to weigh in on.
  • Good spelling, clear syntax, etc.
  • Material interesting enough for the sockpuppets to respond to. I mean, just sayin'.
  • It really helps to be funny.
In addition, if the post is extremely long (like, more than a standard screenlength) or contains images, please place it behind a cut-tag for the sake of friendslists.

Tags will be added by the moderators, so we can keep things tidy ♥

Your Mods

For ages, orangutan handled modding this place herself, but that turned out to be not such a good idea. Thus, your modsquad: orangutan, caltan, jesuitfluff, neherenia and metonymy. This information is being posted for one reason, and one reason only: so you can know that, if one of these lovely ladies brings the smack down on you in a post, they have the authority to do so. Do not, we repeat, do NOT go over into these journals and post questions/complaints/etc. there. Bothering mods in their journals is considered a bannable offense. We're listing who the modsquad is so you know that the person telling you to cut something out has the authority to do so, not because we're inviting harassment.

The Dead People

NOTE TO PREVIOUS PLAYERS: All prior taken characters are re-opened, due to, you know, rebooting. The handful of characters getting automatically grandfathered in belong to the mods.

THE ANCIENT WORLD (The Beginning of Time - 400 C.E.): The Mediterranean Conquers Everything, Or At Least Conquers the Mediterranean
Alexander the Great - lefthandedfag
Julius Caesar - bibulus_sux

PLAGUES AND PONCY ITALIAN REBIRTHINGS (400 C.E. - 1600 C.E.): Castles, Mongols, Disease, Crusades - What A Wonderful World
Philip II of Spain - don_felipe

REVOLUTIONS EVERYWHERE (1600 C.E. - 1800 C.E.): Funny People in Wigs and Tight Pants, Damning the Man
Anne Bonny - red_anne_bonny
Aaron Burr - colonelburr
Ben Franklin - aboutthebenjis
Alexander Hamilton - mr_publius

BRING IN THE TOP HATS (1800 C.E. - 1900 C.E.): Hoop Skirts, Civil Wars, Factories and Dysentery
You have not yet unlocked any of these dead people!

THE CURSE OF INTERESTING TIMES (1900 C.E. - 1996 C.E.): War, War, More War, Free Love, Etc.
Joseph McCarthy - us_witchhunt

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